Why You Should Automate Your Home

A smart home may be a foreign concept to many today, but in a few years, it could be just as common as smart phones. Automation is the key characteristic of smart homes. Technology allows us to experience convenience like never before in managing our homes. But like any big change, automation could be a […]

Emotionally-intelligent AI may be key to future space exploration

Emotionally-Intelligent AI to Assist Astronauts of the Future

The US space agency, NASA, is working with the Australian company, Akin, to develop artificial intelligence (AI) that could provide emotional support for astronauts in deep space. The space agency already works with a wide variety of digital assistants. Recently, astronauts on the International Space Station (ISS) began work with a new version of IBM’s […]

Scientists Develop Tech that Turns CO2 into Construction Concrete

Turning CO2 into Concrete

Researchers from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), have developed a new technology that transforms “waste CO2” into blocks of concrete. The potential global market for waste-CO2 products could run as high as $5.9 trillion a year. Are we seeing the birth of a new industry?