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Have you developed or come across a product or service that excites you? Then it’s probably something our other readers would like to know about!

Right here, right now is where you can share that news for the benefit of all. It’s easy. You can upload your photos, videos, specs and even a link back to the original article or website. And the credit is yours – now and always.

(BTW, if you’re think of spamming, forget it. All posts are set to ‘pending’ and checked before being published.)

Getting started:

If you’ve used Word, Google Docs or any other word processing tool, you’re going to find this easy. For the rest of you, CLICK HERE for a quick video tutorial to make it easy for you too:)

Here are some general suggestions for everyone to get you underway…

  • Start by giving your project a good title. “A new way to back-up data!” will get a lot more views than “Why you should always back-up”.
  • Use sub-headings to separate your sections. It will make it much easier to follow your news.
  • We suggest you use Heading 3, 4 and 5 rather than the bigger Headings 1 and 2. Stick to ‘Paragraph’ style for the main content as it’s easy to read. Bullet lists might help.
  • Place your photos above the relevant content. We’re visual animals and will head for the photo and miss what you’ve spent all that time writing!
  • Don’t forget your “featured image” which will probably show the biggest benefit.
  • Categories and tags are going to help others find your post.

Ready to roll?

Here are the keys. Be home by midnight ?


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By uploading you are agreeing to the terms of use for this site but specifically, you are granting the right to use your uploaded project/s for promotional purposes without restriction, subject to us acknowledging your authorship of the uploaded project/projects.


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