How Mary Anderson Made Cars Safer

time when driving a car in the pouring rain was like performing a circus stunt. One woman changed all that with a simple invention.

New Brain-Computer Interface Beats Previous Record for Typing Speed

researchers have devised a system that allows a person to communicate directly with a computer from his brain. The approach enables communication at a rate more than twice as fast as previous typing-by-brain experiments. Are we inching closer to a breakthrough that changes the world forever?

Phoenix from the sea: How GE plans to be a giant again…

Haliade-X from GE

A lot can happens in a decade, especially in the world of tech. What was new and innovative can find itself obsolete, leap-frogged by better options. That can have a devastating impact on balance sheets and stock market capitalizations. No company better illusttrates than General Electric (GE). A mere 20 years ago – back in […]