Solar-Powered Cars: The Future We’re Still Waiting For in 2023

An image of one of many solar-powered cars parked near solar panels.

Solar-powered cars have been on our minds for a while, yet we don’t see many on the road. As we all aim to use cleaner energy, you might ask, “Where are all the solar cars?” This article dives into that question. We’ll talk about why solar cars are hard to make and what’s coming up […]

The Boom of 3D Printing: Exploring the Popularity of This Technology

3D printing technology has grown exponentially in popularity in recent years and is revolutionizing the way products are created. The thriving 3D printing industry, also known as additive manufacturing, is an innovative form of printing that allows users to easily and quickly create three-dimensional objects from a digital file. Can you imagine how much time, […]

How to pick the best laptop for your needs…

Laptops are some of the most important pieces of technology for modern professionals. They provide portability and convenience for work and play. With so many options and configurations available, it can be difficult for anyone to decide which laptop best suits their needs. Long gone are the days when laptops suffered performance issues compared to […]

5 New Approaches to Helping Smokers Quit Smoking

Smoking has been linked to all sorts of health issues, including lung disease, heart disease, strokes, and various types of cancers. Now, considering that the CDC estimates that there are about 30.8 million adult smokers in the U.S., this means that there are millions at risk of serious health conditions. Fortunately, while many people still […]

How Mary Anderson Made Cars Safer

time when driving a car in the pouring rain was like performing a circus stunt. One woman changed all that with a simple invention.

New Brain-Computer Interface Beats Previous Record for Typing Speed

researchers have devised a system that allows a person to communicate directly with a computer from his brain. The approach enables communication at a rate more than twice as fast as previous typing-by-brain experiments. Are we inching closer to a breakthrough that changes the world forever?

Want to improve your internet and Wi-Fi connection speed? Here’s how.

With over four billion people using the internet worldwide, there is no such thing as too much bandwidth. Smart internet users will want to know how to improve their Wi-Fi speed. To help, we’ve assembled some tips to improve the quality of your Wi-Fi connection inside and outside your home.

The Best Fitness Trackers for Every Lifestyle

The newest generation of fitness trackers don’t just count your steps anymore. The tough competition between manufacturers has led to an expansion of their functions for a wider variety of wellness-related activities. We take a look at some of the best.

11 Simple Webcam Security Tips to Deter Hackers

You have probably come upon terrifying stories about hackers accessing webcams and later posting very personal photos and videos of the computer owners’ on the Internet. Today’s hacking technologies allow them to watch you through your web camera even without the tell-tale indicator light switching on. Some people would think that it could be a […]