The Best Fitness Trackers for Every Lifestyle

The newest generation of fitness trackers don’t just count your steps anymore. The tough competition between manufacturers has led to an expansion of their functions for a wider variety of wellness-related activities. We take a look at some of the best.

How Mary Anderson Made Cars Safer

time when driving a car in the pouring rain was like performing a circus stunt. One woman changed all that with a simple invention.

Start-Up Announces Order for First Electric Plane for Commercial Air Travel

Eviation announces order for Alice

The biggest names in aviation and technology are jostling to send an all-electric plane up into the commercial skies. Did an Israeli start-up just beat them to their objective?  Eliminating greenhouse-gas emissions from airplanes is one of the hardest challenges in the climate conundrum.   Air travel accounts for a significant volume of the world’s global […]

New Space Images Show a Moon Brighter than the Sun

Moon Glows Brighter than Sun

Everything the human eye sees exists within a minuscule percentage of the universe. The rest is invisible. Images shared recently by NASA confirm as much.  The pictures, captured through the agency’s Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope, show the Moon shining brighter than the Sun! “Each 5-by-5-degree image is centered on the Moon and shows gamma rays with […]

The Secret Garage Door

Secret Garage Door

The government said he is not allowed to build a garage door, so he didn’t. Or at least that’s what they think! Erik Vekeman, a villager from Zegelsem in Belgium, wanted to convert part of his wife’s former grocery store into a garage. But because the village is being protected and preserved, the local municipality denied him the permit to install […]

The future is here and it’s not pretty for the car giants!

Car sales are booming globally. It’s as though the GFC never existed. The Chinese and Indian middle classes are swelling and they all want to be mobile. Americans and Australians are back in love with their SUV’s. Half the world aspires to own the latest Mercedes or BMW. So why should the big manufacturers be […]

Tesla’s Model X rewrites more than the SUV rule book!

The tech revolution is in full force in the automotive industry, but Tesla remains at the bleeding edge. In fact, at the Model X release, CEO Elon Musk stated: “If we had known the true engineering costs and complexity, we would have done fewer things.” Released in late 2015, two years later than planned, the […]