9 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Chromebook as Your Next Laptop

ChromeOS for business use

In an ever-evolving tech world, it can be difficult to keep up with the newest innovations and trends. Some come seemingly overnight while others evolve until they are impossible to ignore. Chromebooks fall into that latter category. They have gone from novelty way back in June 2011 to a solid, reliable, and simple-to-maintain school choice […]

Killer Combination: Pandemics in the Age of Social Media and Fake News

“When it took hold in a house, it often happened that no one remained who had not died,” Baldassarre Bonaiuti wrote of the Black Death in 1348. “And it was not just that men and women died, but even sentient animals died. Dogs, cats, chickens, oxen, donkeys, and sheep showed the same symptoms and died […]

Huawei is Deep into 6G Research Promising Terabyte Downloads!

Huawei 6G tech

With many still asking when 5G is coming, reports have emerged that Chinese telecom giant, Huawei, is already deep into research on 6G mobile technology.  Researchers are now working on 6G technology in Huawei’s Ottawa Research & Development Center, according to reports. Some say Huawei is in quiet talks with Canadian university researchers about a […]

Online safety: You’re anything BUT invisible when using public Wi-Fi!

Using public Wi-Fi

Where there’s a smartphone, there’s probably free Wi-Fi nearby as well. Free Wi-Fi is great for most of us – me included – as we don’t want to burn a hole through our data or our pockets. Nowadays, staying connected to the world through our smartphones, tablets and on-the-go gadgets has become our way of […]

Sealander – it’s a camper, it’s a boat, it’s both!


Can’t decide whether you want to go camping or boating for your next outdoor adventure? Why not figure it out as you’re traveling, or perhaps just do both activities? With a Sealander, it’s easy! The Sealander is a caravan and yacht rolled into one. It’s manufactured in Germany and built with cutting-edge materials. It features a mini kitchen, a sound system, […]

Don’t want to get pregnant? There’s an app for that!

There's an app for that!

Not only is there an ‘app for that’, it’s been proven to be every bit as effective as the pill! No chemicals, no synthetic hormones, just plain old mathematics and a unique algorithm. Users measure the temperature underneath their tongues every morning and then enter the result into the app. The algorithm then works out whether you’re fertile or not that […]

We review the Lenovo K3 Note phablet

The Lenovo K3 comes with Android 5.0 onboard.

Summary: Outstanding 4G Android octa core performance with excellent cameras and true 1080P resolution at 401ppi on a 5.5″ retina screen. Over the years I’ve been a strong supporter of Lenovo products. Back when they were an IBM brand, the ThinkPad laptops, manufactured to IBM specs by Chinese company, Legend, were superbly built and equally robust. […]

Maximise the life of your Li-ion battery with these four easy tips

How to maximise the life of your Li-ion battery

Gone are the days when your mobile/cell phone was just that… a phone. We use them as our camera, GPS, weather station, chat tool, browser and, it seems, a zillion other things. The problem, of course, is that all this extraneous use means that when it comes to actually making a call, we may not […]

Product Review – Chuwi Hi8 IPS Dual-Boot Hi-Res 2GB/32GB Tablet

What’s in a brand? When my 10 year old broke his $350 Google Nexus 7 tablet, I set out to find an alternative that would cause less pain to my pocket if the replacement tablet also ended up being dropped. I discovered an absolute gem for just $108! Summary: Excellent quality and performance. Genuinely surprised […]

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