True DSLR quality just got better, faster and much cheaper

Better, faster, cheaper! The ultimate DLSR camera from startup, Light

As any photographer will tell you, the biggest challenge with DSLR photography is bulk. The camera body is bulky but you then need to add the lens. And if you’re a serious photographer, you may have three or fours lenses. So now you have a camera bag to tote them all in. And then when […]

Breakthrough creates a metal roof cooler than the surrounding air!

A roofing material that REDUCES temperatures!

One of the really big myths is that metal roofs make a house hotter than other roof types. Anyone who has spent time on a tile roof knows that every roof – with the exception of thatched and green roofs, gets hellishly hot. And that heat radiates straight into your roof space and then continues into […]

Raising the Bar and Freeing the Spine – Ana Cristina Sandrin

The sedentary lifestyle is not good for your body

The shift from an agricultural/industrial economy to a technological economy has greatly expanded the options available to us in terms of work and lifestyle, and yet we struggle with the impact that these sedentary jobs are having on our bodies. “People who ‘sit down all day’ are the members of the working population most susceptible […]

Getting the plan right – design software review

Google Sketchup allows for very sophisticated output

It’s in your head… you know what you want… you just need to be able to get it ‘visual’ so others can see it too.  Been there?  Tried the pencil and paper and discovered you still don’t have the da Vinci gene? Never fear!  Help is at hand: Since the time computers shrank from the […]

From Prototype to Reality – Meet Your 3D Printed Home!

This 1100m2 (11,900sf) villa has been 3D printed at a cost of $USD160,000!

You could be forgiven for thinking that 3D printing is a new phenomenon. After all, it has only really been newsworthy for the past two or three years. However, Winsun China, have had big plans for 3D printing since 2005 when they invented a 3D print nozzle capable of extruding concrete. In 2008, they put […]