Paper Batteries… Just Add Bacteria!

The dream may be for a paperless office but the reality is very different. Vast amounts of paper are consumed every day – in offices, retail establishments and homes. And while a lot of that paper is recycled, unfortunately, huge amounts go to landfill. In most cases, the paper that’s gone to landfill will break […]

Nuclear Reactors Reinvented?

Surfing the sodium wave Illustration: James Provost

The promise of nuclear reactors has always been abundant, safe, inexpensive power. As history has shown, the reality has been very different. Apart from the environmental disasters of Chernobyl and Fukushima – both rated as category seven disasters, the highest on the existing scale, the issue of nuclear waste hangs over us like the sword […]

The IoT is going to choke us in e-waste!

The Internet of Things or the Internet of Trash? Look around you. How many obsolete devices can you see? Most of us horde them for a while (it’s a ‘just in case thing’, isn’t it?) until we eventually accept that they’re just taking up space. By then, no-one else wants them either. So what to […]

Why a robotic bat is a lot more than a toy…

What makes a robotic flying fox special?

It’s hard not to be awed by the advances in robotics. From simple tools in the kitchen to huge entities in the workplace, many of us have started interacting with robots daily. And if you’re not interacting directly, you are certainly a beneficiary of the technology. Applications as diverse as medicine and street sanitation are […]

Predictions are so 2017, but…

Predictions are so 2017…so instead, here are a few IoT themes that I’m excited about this coming year: Edge Comes of Age The promise of Edge and distributed computing, may seem like old news, however, much of enterprise processing still takes place on-prem or in the cloud. Corporate change management (painful) coupled with the cost […]

This 16 year old has probably changed the future for millions!

Kavya's 3D printed technology for diagnosing diabetic retinopathy

I’m always fascinated by what one – just one – motivated person can do. Sure, results usually require teams, but there is always that one standout personality that drives that result. As you’re about to see and read, Kavya Kopparapu is one of those remarkable people. At just 16 years of age, Kavya has developed […]

The Tesla Model X is the safest SUV ever built

The American National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has just given the Tesla Model X its highest-ever rating for any SUV style vehicle. In fact, the Model X, the biggest vehicle in the Tesla stable, scored 5/5 stars in every category evaluated by the Administration. Even more impressive is that the Model X is the second […]

Flying cars… science fact or science fiction?

We’ve done a few posts on autonomous vehicles, drones, flying ‘cars’ and even the world’s safest small airplane, exploring the future of transport. But what is the reality? Will any of these ever play a part in urban life? In this article, two leading academics from The Queensland University of Technology, one of the worlds great […]

Why Apple Should Buy Tesla and Make Elon Musk CEO

It may be true that there will only ever be one Steve Jobs. It may also turn out to be equally true that there will only ever be one Elon Musk. Jobs was and Musk is, a great innovator – both people who truly ‘think outside of the square’, who ask ‘why not’ when everyone […]