Space Wars! The Jeff Bezos vs Elon Musk face-off!

A graphic depiction of Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos for the space race.

Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are bringing affordable broadband connections to everyone via their satellites. Their ambitions require thousands of satellites orbiting the Earth, worrying many experts. Does the benefit of their Starlink and Project Kuiper service outweigh the problem of an overcrowded earth orbit? Continue reading the article to know who will win this […]

9 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Chromebook as Your Next Laptop

ChromeOS for business use

In an ever-evolving tech world, it can be difficult to keep up with the newest innovations and trends. Some come seemingly overnight while others evolve until they are impossible to ignore. Chromebooks fall into that latter category. They have gone from novelty way back in June 2011 to a solid, reliable, and simple-to-maintain school choice […]

An unbreakable phone screen?

Broken cell phone screen

If you claim anything is “unbreakable”, someone is going to prove you wrong. But imagine a world where your mobile phone could be dropped with near impunity! The day is coming and it has many more benefits than just saving you the cost and inconvenience of repairs. In Australia alone, a country of 25 million […]

Electric Pickups Are Here… Almost

Rivian's R1T pickup is due for release in June, 2021

It was only a couple of years back that that the common perception was that electic pickups (utes in Australian) would never carry the required loads over any distance. Then Ford made a slick video showing a prototype EV F-150 towing a double-decker, 10-car freight train filled with 42 other F-150s. Since then we’ve seen […]

Phoenix from the sea: How GE plans to be a giant again…

Haliade-X from GE

A lot can happens in a decade, especially in the world of tech. What was new and innovative can find itself obsolete, leap-frogged by better options. That can have a devastating impact on balance sheets and stock market capitalizations. No company better illusttrates than General Electric (GE). A mere 20 years ago – back in […]

What if Iron Could Power the World?

Oxidizing and reducing powdered iron has the potential to provide clean power on an industrial scale… We’re not short of ways to generate power. But, as any conservative politician will tell you, we’re short on ways to generate reliable, ‘base load’ power, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They argue that wind and […]

The Rise and Rise of No-Code Code!

The apps and tools that let you create software without having to code… Some of us code as a profession. Others code as a hobby. And still others code because they have no viable alternative! Take the frustrated marketer… he or she knows what data they need and they can ‘see’ it in their head […]

Juice Jacking! Why you should never use public USB ports…

Our dependence on our phone makes us vulnerable to juice jacking

We’ve all done it. We’re stuck in the middle of nowhere – otherwise known as an airport terminal – and our phone is about to run out of juice. You can’t find a power outlet that someone else isn’t already hoarding. Your only option is that public charging station ‘over there in the corner’. But […]

Researchers Claim New Battery Technology Will Double EV Range

There have been a flurry of press releases over recent months claiming significant increases in battery performance. Now a team of researchers from the Korea Institute of Science and Technology have have joined the parade. They claim to have developed a new carbon-silicon material that could more than double the driving range of electric vehicles. A […]