Here is BioLite’s most versatile product to date – the CampStove. It lets you charge small electronics while you cook, boil or grill your food!

The invention is every modern outdoors enthusiast’s dream. It used to be that people lose their connection to the rest of the world when they go on outdoor adventures. It’s a different story now, technology has made it possible for people to stay ‘wired’ to the rest of the world even when they’re in remote places. But even with all these gadgets, one thing remains a challenge – they live on batteries. We may not need to be connected while out camping but in cases of emergency, battery life is an essential thing to have.

BioLite has taken the challenge with CampStove’s capability as a power charger, but can it really live up to our expectations? Let’s find out.

BioLite Wood Burning CampStove

CampStove combines a lightweight backpacking stove and an off-grid power charger…

Cooking with CampStove

It’s a very compact little stove but will I be able to do some decent cooking with it?

The answer is definitely yes! Any metal pots and pans that are no more than 10 inches in diameter and no more than eight pounds in weight when filled will work well with the CampStove.

It’s very easy to start a fire as long as you’ve got dry wood, just like with other wood-fired cookers. Damp wood will also work but expect a lot of smoke especially during the first few minutes.

The CampStove includes an internal fan that you can switch between low and high settings to keep the fire going.

Now what’s great about this unit is that it doesn’t get all too hot even when it has been running for hours. It’s a very safe device, thanks to its insulation that contains all the heat inside and directs it upward at the center of the combustion chamber.

Need to boil water? You can do so in just 10 minutes with the CampStove!

Charging gadgets

BioLite promises to give your small USB-chargeable gadgets power off the grid. It doesn’t even rely on solar power since it generates electricity from the heat produced in the stove compartment. You can use the CampStove no matter what the weather conditions are (as long as you have a stock of dry wood with you), which makes it a brilliant tool to have for outdoor camping and emergency situations.

But while these are all true, a CampStove can’t be used as a replacement for power outlets or power banks. In other words you can’t expect this stove to charge your phone and other gadgets to the full. On the average, connecting your phone to the CampStove for two hours will give it an additional 12% battery life.


Now 12% may not seem much but it’s not at all disappointing considering the size of its power source, not to mention that phones nowadays do require a lot of energy to charge up. If and when deep in the woods or in a situation where electricity is unavailable, being able to power up your phone or flashlight by 12% makes a big difference.

This is why together with its compact size, comfortable weight and durable build the CampStove is indeed a clever investment to have in your emergency preparedness kits!

How about you? What do you think of this innovative equipment? Let us know your thoughts by commenting after viewing our album and watching the video below!


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Want to learn more about the product details of CampStove and other BioLite’s products? You can head over to their main site


  1. Do you take your camping? And what is your Experience in cooking a full meal off this one little stove?

  2. Yes, we’ve taken it backpacking in the Rockies and it is very light and easy to use, plus it charges anything with a usb outlet, so you still have that chance to get the perfect picture :)

    When we’re backpacking, we usually take dehydrated meals, so our experience with cooking meals on it has basically been putting water in a pot and adding the food (there are many amazing and surprisingly gourmet options) and cooking that on the stove. Because the stove itself is not that wide in diameter, you do need to watch it closely and you also need to make sure that you have sticks that can be broken down small enough. It has a built in fan so it doesn’t really need to be stoked, although getting it started and keeping it going for the first few times can be a little tricky until you get the hang of it.

  3. This little stove seems really great. Beats having to haul your own wood logs or buying it where ever it is you are camping at.. No more bringing big camp stoves to cook on or in some cases your own grills. But I am wonder how long does it take to actually cook a full meal with just a little stove. when you have more than 1 thing you need to cook?