Product Review – Chuwi Hi8 IPS Dual-Boot Hi-Res 2GB/32GB Tablet

It was well packed in an outer carton and then double wrapped in bubble plastic. The retail packaging was very high quality such that you could present this as a gift to anyone.

We have an iPad Mini, an Acer Iconia TAB, an Asus T-100, a PendoPad and a (now dead) Nexus 7 in the home and this is better quality than any of them. Good feel, no flex, excellent finish!

The dual-boot system is incredibly easy to use allowing rapid switching from Android to Windows and back.

Performance is also better than I expected, regardless of price. The earlier Intel Trial Bay chip had a reputation for being a bit sluggish but this latest version is very fast, no doubt helped by the 2GB of RAM that comes standard.

The unit also comes with 32GB of storage but I discovered about 24GB of that is swallowed up by the two operating systems :( Since Android is fairly lean, I’ll blame Win 8.1 and hope that the free Win 10 upgrade is leaner! The good news is that the TF slot can handle another 64GB of memory! (BTW, the Android OS can also be upgraded to V5.1.)

Cameras are adequate but relatively low-res by today’s standards but your phone is more likely to be your camera anyway!

The unit does not have a GPS but, once again, my phone does and I’m far more likely to carry that than a tablet.

Faults? I’ve yet to find any! But I do have one disappointment… the adaptor pins are wrong for Australia!

Wrong pins!
Wrong pins!

But given the plethora of USB charging options in this household, that’s hardly a negative. And I’m quite certain a complaint would see the correct adaptor delivered pronto.

Finally, the supplier, has service agreements with local agents in most countries. Good to know but the warranty doesn’t cover 10 year olds and their accidents :)

Here’s my video review which is a lot more comprehensive…

Have you had any experience with the Chuwi brand? Share your thoughts in the comments box below!



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