Raising the Bar and Freeing the Spine – Ana Cristina Sandrin

The sedentary lifestyle is not good for your body

The shift from an agricultural/industrial economy to a technological economy has greatly expanded the options available to us in terms of work and lifestyle, and yet we struggle with the impact that these sedentary jobs are having on our bodies. “People who ‘sit down all day’ are the members of the working population most susceptible […]

Don’t like the weather? Change it…

CoeLUX is bringing sunshine to the darkest rooms

From now forward, the food that you’ll eat and the clothes you’ll wear aren’t the only things you can get to decide on at the start of your day – you can now also choose your weather! Well, inside at least :) Is it raining for the fourth day in a row? Would you like […]

16 Terabytes in the Palm of Your Hand!

We live in the best of times! Technology has the ability to improve our lives in ways most of us can’t begin to imagine. One of the tools that is allowing that to happen is ‘big data’. Sure it has the potential to be intrusive… but it has a much greater potential to take a […]