US Engineering Salaries Rise as America Girds for the Future

Here’s a glimpse of what the giant, hi-tech cities of the not-too-distant future might look like. Swamped by rising sea levels, the megalopolis of tomorrow is a sprawling, humming metropolis on stilts. All around the mega-city, interminable grids of abandoned roads, neighborhoods, and freeway are under water. Every now and then, lightning illuminates a watery […]

New Space Images Show a Moon Brighter than the Sun

Moon Glows Brighter than Sun

Everything the human eye sees exists within a minuscule percentage of the universe. The rest is invisible. Images shared recently by NASA confirm as much.  The pictures, captured through the agency’s Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope, show the Moon shining brighter than the Sun! “Each 5-by-5-degree image is centered on the Moon and shows gamma rays with […]

Huawei is Deep into 6G Research Promising Terabyte Downloads!

Huawei 6G tech

With many still asking when 5G is coming, reports have emerged that Chinese telecom giant, Huawei, is already deep into research on 6G mobile technology.  Researchers are now working on 6G technology in Huawei’s Ottawa Research & Development Center, according to reports. Some say Huawei is in quiet talks with Canadian university researchers about a […]

Hackers Could Gridlock Entire Cities By Disabling Self-Driving Cars


New research says hackers could bring entire cities to a complete standstill by disabling self-driving cars. Are the streets of the real world ready for fully autonomous vehicles? Several automakers have claimed self-driving cars will ease traffic congestion and make roads safer for everybody. Previous research appears to prove them correct, for the most part. However, none […]

Start-Up Announces Order for First Electric Plane for Commercial Air Travel

Eviation announces order for Alice

The biggest names in aviation and technology are jostling to send an all-electric plane up into the commercial skies. Did an Israeli start-up just beat them to their objective?  Eliminating greenhouse-gas emissions from airplanes is one of the hardest challenges in the climate conundrum.   Air travel accounts for a significant volume of the world’s global […]

The Real Winners in the Drive to Automate the Workforce

Winners and Losers in Automation

If you’re a young, minority employee working in rural America, a robot will probably take your job in the not-too-distant future. This is according to a report on the consequences of automation on the American workforce published by Brookings in January. The researchers had examined data on a mix of industries, geographies, and demographic groups across […]