The Rise and Rise of No-Code Code!

The apps and tools that let you create software without having to code… Some of us code as a profession. Others code as a hobby. And still others code because they have no viable alternative! Take the frustrated marketer… he or she knows what data they need and they can ‘see’ it in their head […]

The future of PC’s

PC sales, both desktop and laptop, are in decline. There’s good reason… that tablet you’re using and your smartphone are already more powerful than the PC you bought just three or four years ago. And they’re a fraction of the size, cheaper, more robust yet offer resolutions that make many desktops and laptops look very […]

Getting the plan right – design software review

Google Sketchup allows for very sophisticated output

It’s in your head… you know what you want… you just need to be able to get it ‘visual’ so others can see it too.  Been there?  Tried the pencil and paper and discovered you still don’t have the da Vinci gene? Never fear!  Help is at hand: Since the time computers shrank from the […]